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My name is Ahmet Yavuz, and I am one of the founding partners of Carpetsinbazaar.com

I was 13, in 1982, when I began my career working after school in a Turkish handmade carpet store in Istanbul.

Istanbul has always been the center for handmade carpets all over the world. At the age of 13, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to carpets not only from Turkey but also from Persia, Caucasus, Middle Asia, Afghanistan, Nepal and China.

The first carpet store I had ever worked in, was on the doorstep of both The Kilim and Carpet Museum and the Turkish&Islamic Art Museum. These Museums hold one of the largest antique carpet collections in the world.

Handmade carpets have been my passion since day one. I have travelled all over Turkey, buying different type of carpets from vintage to new, taking me to remote villages and to wholesaler in Istanbul.

In 1995, I came across a beautiful carpet I had ever seen before. This carpet led me to Peshawar (A border city in Pakistan to Afghanistan) and to the Turkoman refugees from Afghanistan. After building relations and friendships with Turkoman refugees, I started to produce reproductions of antique carpets in the refugee camps in Peshawar.

I continued my study in handmade carpets as a wholesaler. It was through my research that I found out handspun vegetable dyed carpets were made in Agra India. In 1998, I decided to make a trip to Agra to see these carpets. I continued my exploring in Handmade Carpets throughout the many cities in India and made trips to Nepal and China.

Since 1995, I have been building good business relationships with many talented manufacturers. These business relationships have turned to strong friendships based on trust and honesty.

These friendships were so strong that we decided to create a partnership, launching our "carpetsinbazaaar.com" project.

With my partners all around the world, I would like to offer you the largest selection of carpets in the market. With our expertise and experience, we also would like to guide you to find the best carpets at the best prices.

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