Custom Rugs

Despite our extensive range of stock designs and sizes, you may still find it necessary to have a chosen design specifically tailored to your own taste or for your own business. We can adjust colors and materials, the scale of pattern, size and shape of the rug to fit a room or work with an existing scheme. Our manufacturers are happy to work with clients and assist with color, design, size and scale solution. We are committed to making every effort until your perfect rug is created.

The Process

Our expert manufacturer’s team makes the design process simple. From looking through your inspirations and ideas to develop design concepts or helping to match your color swatches, the team will work directly with you throughout the project and ensure that your ideas comes to life.


Choose from our stock or request the development of your own unique creation. This can include patterns to coordinate with specific textures or motifs to highlight a particular theme. We will work closely with you to come up with the perfect design that complements your project.


Our selection of designer rugs come in a variety of qualities and construction types, including hand knotted, handloom, flat weave and tufted. Our team will help in order to make sure that your design is best suited to your needs by ensuring the best quality choice for your project.


Mix and match a range of textures with different type of knots (Double knot, Single knot, Nepalese weave, Handloom or Tufted) with different materials (wool, cotton, silk or art silk based on Bamboo, Banana or Viscose)– in cut, loop or varying pile height combinations. You can even carve sections of you rug to create focal points and depth.


Once you have finalized your design you can pick from our extensive range of colors, with everything from soft neutral shades to bright, dramatic tones achieve consistent color matching.


Once your design and colors have been finalized, it is time to determine the size and shape of your rug. Make it square, oval, round or rectangular.

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