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Kilim rugs have been produced by nomadic tribes to cover their earthen floors throughout the Middle East and Central Asia for centuries. As they started to spread across Western Asia, their weaving techniques were passed from one generation to the next. Our antique looking hand-weaved flat weave Kilim rugs from India made by skilled craftsmen, tying together outdoor space in natural colors. Our vintage Kilim rugs also made with felted wool like a flat weave with natural tones. We also offer "Turkish Kilim Rug" produced by several flat weaving techniques with natural tones of blue black, and white. These techniques have a common heritage and geographically practiced in some parts of Turkey (Anatolia and Thrace), North Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia and China.
Kilim designs are made by interweaving the variously colored wefts and warps, thus creating what is known as a flatweave. Kilims are generally woven with the slitweave technique. The slit refers to the gap left between two blocks of color. It is created by returning the weft around the last warp in a color area, and the weft of the adjacent color is later returned around the adjacent warp. 
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W:3' 3'' (100cm) L:5' 3'' (160cm)
W:5' 3'' (160cm) L:7' 7'' (230cm)
W:6' 1'' (185cm) L:9' 2'' (280cm)
W:6' 11'' (210cm) L:10' 10'' (330cm)
W:6' 7'' (200cm) L:9' 10'' (300cm)
W:4' 6'' (138cm) L:7' (213cm)
W:5' 7'' (170cm) L:7' 9'' (235cm)
W:5' 8'' (173cm) L:7' 7'' (230cm)
W:4' 11'' (150cm) L:7' 10'' (240cm)
W:4' 11'' (150cm) L:7' 10'' (240cm)
W:5' (152cm) L:6' 11'' (210cm)
W:4' 3'' (130cm) L:6' 5'' (196cm)
W:5' 9'' (174cm) L:7' 10'' (240cm)
W:3' 7'' (109cm) L:11' 11'' (362cm)
W:4' 11'' (150cm) L:7' 10'' (240cm)
W:5' 9'' (175cm) L:7' 8'' (233cm)
W:5' 1'' (155cm) L:8' 6'' (260cm)
W:4' 11'' (150cm) L:7' 10'' (240cm)
W:5' 5'' (165cm) L:10' (306cm)
W:5' 1'' (155cm) L:7' 7'' (230cm)

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