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Kilims (or Kelims) have been producing since ancient times. Vintage Anatolian Kilim Rugs stand out for areas they produced, such as Konya, Malatya, Karapinar. Our Anatolian Kilim rugs are hand-knotted by skilled craftsmen in order to give a vintage flair to your indoors.
When you purchase a Vintage Anatolian Kilim Rug you are purchasing an item that has the power to completely change the character of a room whether that means creating a central focus, bringing a space together, or the wow factor’. It is therefore vitally important to consider what effect you’re looking for before choosing. If you are trying to create a cozy mood then choose rustic colors, natural wear really helps your Vintage Anatolian Kilim Rug to settle in.
However, if you want an attention stealer Vintage Anatolian Kilim Rug, choose among the bold colors and geometric patterns such as those found in many of our Anatolian Kilim rugs.
W:3' 9'' (115cm) L:5' 3'' (160cm)
W:3' (91cm) L:4' 5'' (135cm)
W:5' 1'' (155cm) L:8' 4'' (255cm)
W:3' 7'' (110cm) L:11' 5'' (347cm)
W:5' 1'' (155cm) L:8' 10'' (270cm)
W:5' 11'' (180cm) L:10' 2'' (310cm)
W:4' 9'' (145cm) L:10' (305cm)
W:4' 11'' (150cm) L:9' 10'' (300cm)
W:5' 5'' (165cm) L:8' 2'' (250cm)
W:6' 5'' (195cm) L:4' 1'' (125cm)
W:7' 1'' (217cm) L:9' 7'' (292cm)
W:5' 1'' (155cm) L:7' 3'' (220cm)
W:5' 2'' (157cm) L:7' 10'' (240cm)
W:4' 8'' (143cm) L:8' 1'' (247cm)
W:2' 11'' (88cm) L:3' 11'' (120cm)
W:5' 11'' (180cm) L:9' (275cm)
W:2' 4'' (71cm) L:6' 3'' (190cm)
W:5' 2'' (157cm) L:12' (365cm)

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