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Damask name comes from the place where the pattern and the manufacturing technique were invented. Our damask rugs weaved by specialized weavers of Bhadohi with blended wool and bamboo silk and finished with hand carving.
Soft and sensual with a sumptuous chenille pile, the Damask Area Rug enhances the home with elegant comfort. Conceived in a palette of perfectly balanced contemporary neutrals, these refined, jacquard-woven area our Damask Rugs are supremely versatile. The richly detailed fleurs-de-lys patterns add classic finesse with a deft contemporary feel. Dramatic yet subtle, our Damask Rugs make superb accents or room-defining anchors for the stylish home. The softness of our Damask Area Rugs sets the scene for elegance in its ivory and gray, they are a pleasure in any decor, from traditional to contemporary.
The softness of our Damask Area Rugs sets the scene of elegance in its ivory and gray, they are a pleasure in any decoration, ranging from traditional to contemporary. A Damask Rug exemplifies the precision, versatility, and beauty of traditional flat-woven construction techniques that create intricate patterns and symbols. Damask area rugs are most famous for their dynamic color designs and bold geometric patterns. Each piece is a slice of history, a slice of true folk art. The Damask rugs have become the rug of choice” for many interior designers as well as private consumers.
W:5' 10'' (177cm) L:8' (244cm)
W:6' (184cm) L:15' 11'' (484cm)
W:5' 10'' (177cm) L:8' 10'' (268cm)
W:5' 7'' (170cm) L:8' (244cm)
W:7' 9'' (237cm) L:10' (305cm)
W:6' 6'' (197cm) L:9' 11'' (301cm)
W:5' 9'' (174cm) L:8' 7'' (262cm)
W:9' 7'' (292cm) L:14' 8'' (448cm)
W:8' 2'' (249cm) L:10' 2'' (311cm)
W:8' 4'' (253cm) L:10' 4'' (315cm)
W:8' 2'' (250cm) L:10' 3'' (312cm)
W:8' 2'' (248cm) L:10' 1'' (307cm)
W:6' 7'' (201cm) L:9' 11'' (302cm)
W:8' 2'' (248cm) L:11' 11'' (363cm)
W:8' 11'' (273cm) L:11' 11'' (363cm)
W:7' 11'' (241cm) L:10' 1'' (308cm)
W:7' 10'' (240cm) L:9' 11'' (303cm)
W:7' 10'' (239cm) L:9' 11'' (302cm)
W:3' 11'' (120cm) L:5' 11'' (180cm)
W:10' 1'' (307cm) L:14' 2'' (432cm)

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