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We offer overdyed rugs, revitalizing old hand-weaved rugs by decolorizing and then over-dying them. Our vintage overdyed carpets collection is prepared by using old and used Turkish carpets, hence you can still see the original pattern peeking through. The journey of Overdyed Rugs began during the efforts to revitalize old hand-weaved rugs. Vintage rugs were first decolorized and then over-dyed. The mix of traditional designs with a contemporary effect became the celebration of chromatic compositions.
Overdyed Rugs are created through a multi-step process of bleaching, color saturation, and a special drying process. This gives to our Overdyed Rugs their amazing bold, deep colors. They are a great way to get the feel of a traditional Oriental rug with a more updated, modern look. Because of their rich colors and unique patterns, they add interest and a more curated feel to the space. Overdyed Rugs work as a great starting point and inspiration for decorating a space. They are becoming extremely popular because of their rich, vibrant colors that create beautiful, bold statements in a room.
W:6' 7'' (200cm) L:10' 2'' (309cm)
W:7' 1'' (217cm) L:10' 4'' (315cm)
W:5' 8'' (173cm) L:8' 10'' (269cm)
W:6' 8'' (204cm) L:9' 5'' (288cm)
W:8' 4'' (253cm) L:12' 2'' (371cm)
W:7' 5'' (225cm) L:10' 9'' (328cm)
W:7' 1'' (215cm) L:10' 6'' (321cm)
W:5' 8'' (173cm) L:8' 10'' (268cm)
W:5' 10'' (178cm) L:9' 3'' (281cm)
W:5' 9'' (176cm) L:9' 1'' (276cm)
W:5' 10'' (178cm) L:8' 11'' (272cm)
W:5' 8'' (172cm) L:9' 3'' (283cm)
W:6' 7'' (201cm) L:8' 11'' (271cm)
W:7' 2'' (219cm) L:10' 5'' (318cm)
W:7' 1'' (216cm) L:10' 2'' (309cm)
W:6' 9'' (207cm) L:10' 11'' (332cm)
W:6' 6'' (198cm) L:10' 2'' (311cm)
W:5' 9'' (176cm) L:9' 3'' (281cm)
W:6' (183cm) L:9' 7'' (292cm)
W:6' 9'' (207cm) L:9' 10'' (300cm)

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