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Burgundy Oriental Rugs | The Meaning Behind Choosing The Color Burgundy


Burgundy is a twenty-first-century favorite. Not as electric as red, not as earthy as brown. However, we can say it’s a mix in-between, an eccentric blend that can be categorized in a “wine” colored category. Next to other colors, burgundy creates a rich texture either sophisticated or relaxed, moody or energetic, romantic or monochromatic. This color can be placed anywhere and it works.


Modern oriental rugs with burgundy dyes meet all the above categories, plus fashionable elegance. A floral appearance may include burgundy mixed with blues, oranges, and yellow-golds and this type of rug can gracefully light up dining rooms and kitchens; mixed with ivory and sage presents a naturally romantic gesture, consider this color scheme for your bedroom or living room. If monochromatic is your thing, burgundy, rose, and blush colors can fabulously be placed in any room, hallways, office, hotel room, and the list continues. This also applies to a burgundy oriental rug that is not mixed with any other color.


Consider a burgundy rug if these styles or ideas match with your personal preferences. Nothing can go wrong with burgundy as it is a pleasing style that is here to stay.

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