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Charcoal Oriental Rugs | The Meaning Behind Choosing The Color Charcoal 

Charcoal is underrated as it is a delightful mix and spin on what we all know as gray. Like moody, emotionless gray, charcoal is influenced by nature and is a perfect complement to most colors. With pinks, blues, and/or purples, charcoal modern rugs can fit in living rooms, dining rooms, even bedrooms, and nurseries.


For a dramatic (and yet chic) appearance in your dining room, a charcoal oriental rug can be placed right under the table and accentuate glassware, tables, and especially wooden furniture. It’s not so flashy as it is warm and attractive, so you may never want to leave a room with charcoal in it.


You can and will never go wrong by implementing charcoal gray into your home or business. It is dramatic, elegant, chic, and all the wonderful complements we look for when decorating.   

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