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Green Oriental Rugs | The Meaning Behind Choosing The Color Green

Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. The color green has healing power and is understood to be the most restful and relaxing color for the human eye to view. Green can help enhance vision, stability, and endurance. Green takes up more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye and it is the dominant color in the natural. It is a natural choice for an oriental rug as an ideal background or backdrop because we as humans are so used to seeing it everywhere.


Green also stands for new growth and rebirth, common in the spring season when all the plants are coming back to life with fresh growth and life after the cold winter months. The color green relates also to balance and harmony. From a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart. It renews and restores depleted energy. It is the sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well being.


A green oriental rug can affect us physically and mentally in several different ways. Green is soothing, relaxing, and youthful. Green is a color that helps alleviate anxiety, depression, and nervousness. Green also brings with it a sense of hope, health, adventure, and renewal, as well as self-control, compassion, and harmony; green is directly related to nature and Energy.


Having a green oriental rug can also have physical effect: your pituitary gland is stimulated, your muscles are more relaxed, and your blood histamine levels increase, which leads to a decrease in allergy symptoms and dilated blood vessels, aiding in smoother muscle contractions. In short, green is calming, stress-relieving, and – a bit paradoxically – invigorating. It’s been shown to improve reading ability and creativity.


Green is one of the easiest colors to decorate with as green can act as a neutral. Try pairing various shades of green with just about any other color and you'll find the combination can work beautifully.


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