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Ivory Oriental Rugs | The Meaning Behind Choosing The Color Ivory

Ivory is a neutral, relaxing, and calming color; it has some of the same pureness and softness of the color white, but with a warmer tone. Ivory represents quiet and pleasantness. With your ivory oriental rug, you can relax and have an elegant room. Place an ivory oriental rug in any room, it gives also a welcoming feeling and fashionable elegance.


Ivory is considered a neutral color and so it is compatible with any other color, pairing it with other colors in the neutral family creates an earthy, natural look. For contrast, pair your ivory oriental rug with black or navy. If you want to add texture, choose wood elements in various shades of brown. Lighter wood tones will look fresh and bright while darker woods add depth. Gray shades are compatible as well, but choose warm or yellow based grays that complement the warmer tone in ivory.

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