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Purple Oriental Rugs | The Meaning Behind Choosing The Color Purple

Purple represents the spirituality, passion, self-reliance, and fulfillment. Purple also has a different effect such as uplifting spirits, calming nerves and mind, increasing sensitivity and creativity. The color purple represents wealth, luxury, power, ambition, dignity, wisdom, mystery, magic, and rareness. The purple-colored lavender, lilac and violet flowers are very precious since the color purple very rare in nature.


These properties make the purple color great for decoration. You can use any kind of purple rugs such as purple oriental rugs or modern purple rug, setting up against the various background colors. For instance, if you use a purple rug with a green background, it gives an eclectic look to your room. You can also use the dark purple rugs with lighter tones of purple to give a cozy and a conversation-friendly statement to your room. You can have a palette that has all tones of life, combining purple rug together with green and blue. Because these colors are extensions of each other and you can mix and match different hues. Another advantage of the purple colored rug like other cool colors is to make your room look larger.


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