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Persian rugs are known for their heavy textile made for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purposes. Most types of Persian rugs were woven in parallel by nomadic tribes, in village and town workshops, and by royal court manufactories alike. Floral rugs give your indoors vintage flair with their transitional design. Our floral rugs comprise of very fine floral designs from 7 different mountains of Turkey. That’s why they are also very famously called as "Flower of 7 Mountains".
Floral Rugs are one of the most universal and versatile devices available to carpet weavers around the globe. They are depicted in an overwhelming variety of colors, carpet design, styles and configurations that are always charming and beautiful. Regardless of their color, shape or size, floral motifs are universal and individual symbols. They are enduring, elegant and versatile. Our Floral Rugs can be bold, decorative luminaries that dictate the placement and appearance of neighboring elements. Flowers can be symbolic devices, naturalistic motifs or formal elements that add grace to the carpets they adorn. Whether they are depicted as a casual bouquet, an arching garland, a radiant medallion or a tasteful repeating pattern, floral elements are among the most classic motifs ever devised.
We feature a gorgeous selection of Floral Rugs that can help you define your room’s decor without overwhelming the environment. Our Floral Rugs add an attractive focal point to the room. They are often used in a way that is similar to an accent wall, where even colors and patterns that do not seem to match the existing decor can contribute to the atmosphere in a defining and memorable way. As such, our Floral Rugs, adorned with beautiful flowers, are ideal for all types of rooms. Flowing designs and lighter hues are often chosen as a way to add accent to an area, resulting in the rug itself providing the room with an elegant touch of support. Darker tones and more rigid shapes, on the other hand, are often a powerful grounding force, which allows users to elegantly set them as a centerpiece.
W:2' 11'' (90cm) L:5' 2'' (157cm)
W:4' 2'' (127cm) L:6' (183cm)
W:2' 7'' (80cm) L:20' 6'' (626cm)
W:4' 11'' (151cm) L:7' (214cm)
W:2' 8'' (81cm) L:3' 11'' (120cm)
W:4' 1'' (125cm) L:6' (184cm)
W:5' 11'' (180cm) L:8' 10'' (270cm)
W:3' 11'' (120cm) L:5' 11'' (180cm)
W:4' 11'' (149cm) L:6' 9'' (205cm)
W:9' 1'' (276cm) L:12' 4'' (375cm)
W:6' 7'' (200cm) L:9' 2'' (280cm)
W:4' 1'' (125cm) L:6' 2'' (189cm)
W:4' 1'' (125cm) L:6' 1'' (185cm)
W:6' 7'' (200cm) L:9' 10'' (300cm)
W:5' 8'' (172cm) L:8' (244cm)
W:5' 9'' (174cm) L:8' 11'' (271cm)
W:2' 6'' (77cm) L:10' (304cm)
W:8' (244cm) L:10' (305cm)
W:5' 9'' (175cm) L:7' 11'' (241cm)
W:8' (245cm) L:12' 10'' (391cm)

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