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Oriental Silk Carpets are the most luxurious productions of their kind. Silk textile manufacture was well established in Persia by the Sassanian Period (third to seventh centuries). Consequently, it would have been possible for the Persians of this period or those of Early Islamic times to have adapted silk to carpet production. Natural, real oriental silk carpet is a fibrous protein made up of a number of amino acids. It is produced from the cocoon of the silkworms. To harvest the silk, the cocoons are heated, or boiled to kill the silkworms. Then they're unwound into single fibers, which are then spun into thread or silk yarns. When dyed, silk fibers are saturated with rich colors and have a distinctive, almost translucent luster. Silk is extremely high in tensile strength, exceeding that of nylon.
Oriental Silk Carpets are luxurious not only because of the fine texture and the reflective, luminous properties of the pile but also because of the quality of their color. Silk allows the dyes to achieve a richness and intensity that can never be matched by even the finest wool. Silk is a magical fiber that is unbelievably thin and astoundingly strong. Even when silk highlights are used to add definition to ornate designs, the complexion of a carpet or textile can change completely. The hand of Oriental Silk Carpets and textiles is rich and sumptuous. These traits are matched by the luminosity of colors when light is reflected by the fiber’s prismatic structure. Silk is lithe yet exceptionally durable.
Oriental Silk Carpets have an unmistakable luminescence, sheen and sumptuous soft texture. This luxurious fiber has a magical effect when used to craft carpets or when used as decorative accents to give designs a shimmering glow. Thinner than a human hair, silk fibers have a crystalline structure that refracts ambient light and produces the sleek shiny look that this natural fiber is known for. Although the process for unwinding thousands of feet of silk from a cocoon is tedious, the stunning result is well worth the labor. These magnificent Oriental Silk Carpets when displayed on the floor or on a wall make an impressive statement.
W:2' (60cm) L:2' 11'' (90cm)
W:5' 11'' (180cm) L:5' 11'' (180cm)
W:2' 11'' (90cm) L:4' 7'' (140cm)
W:5' 5'' (165cm) L:7' 8'' (233cm)
W:3' 11'' (120cm) L:5' 11'' (180cm)
W:4' 11'' (150cm) L:6' 7'' (200cm)
W:3' 10'' (116cm) L:5' 10'' (177cm)
W:4' 1'' (124cm) L:5' 11'' (180cm)
W:3' (92cm) L:4' 11'' (150cm)
W:2' 7'' (80cm) L:13' 1'' (400cm)
W:2' 7'' (80cm) L:7' 11'' (241cm)
W:3' 11'' (119cm) L:6' 3'' (190cm)
W:2' 8'' (81cm) L:3' 10'' (117cm)
W:6' 6'' (197cm) L:9' 11'' (303cm)
W:2' (60cm) L:5' 11'' (180cm)
W:2' 7'' (80cm) L:9' 10'' (300cm)
W:8' 2'' (250cm) L:8' 2'' (250cm)
W:2' (60cm) L:5' 11'' (180cm)
W:6' 5'' (195cm) L:9' 8'' (295cm)
W:2' 6'' (77cm) L:7' 11'' (242cm)

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