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Ziegler rugs stand out for their design rather than an actual city or tribe. Oushaks rugs were known as 'Anatolian Rugs' that use a particular family of designs, called by convention after the city of Uşak, in Turkey, in Western Anatolia that known as a center of rug production from the early days of the Ottoman Empire. Actually, their name comes from a company from Manchester England which exported a large number of rugs from Iran to Europe from the mid 19th century until the early 20th century. These Ziegler” Rugs were designed according to western tastes. Tabrizes, Mahals, and Sultanabads produced under the guidance of the Ziegler Co.; this was the first instance of a hands-on western influence in the industry.

Large-scale repeated forms define the landscape of most breathtaking  Ziegler Rugs, implying movement through their presentation, despite the use of fewer details and colors. The warm and vibrant color motifs used throughout result in an inviting appearance, one that encourages the viewer to explore the borders as they connect to the elements at the center of the magnificent antique carpet. Traditional color palettes found on Zeigler Rugs can include subtle neutrals, vibrant reds and clear blues that create a regal Western appearance. Unique color combinations, such as tourmaline pink paired with oxidized green, are also found on Zeigler Rugs, which highlights their tendency to reinvent the traditional.
W:5' 8'' (172cm) L:7' 10'' (240cm)
W:6' 4'' (193cm) L:9' 3'' (281cm)
W:2' 8'' (82cm) L:9' 8'' (294cm)
W:6' 8'' (203cm) L:9' 6'' (289cm)
W:9' 4'' (284cm) L:11' 11'' (362cm)
W:5' 7'' (171cm) L:8' (244cm)
W:8' 2'' (249cm) L:9' 9'' (297cm)
W:10' 1'' (307cm) L:12' 10'' (392cm)
W:5' 4'' (162cm) L:7' 9'' (236cm)
W:5' 5'' (164cm) L:7' 10'' (239cm)
W:4' 11'' (150cm) L:7' 10'' (239cm)
W:2' 10'' (86cm) L:4' 2'' (128cm)
W:5' 8'' (172cm) L:7' 8'' (233cm)
W:8' (244cm) L:11' (335cm)
W:5' 7'' (171cm) L:7' 6'' (229cm)
W:6' 7'' (201cm) L:9' 7'' (291cm)
W:6' 8'' (202cm) L:8' 11'' (273cm)
W:5' 9'' (174cm) L:8' 2'' (250cm)
W:5' 5'' (164cm) L:7' 7'' (232cm)
W:3' 6'' (106cm) L:4' 8'' (143cm)

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