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Afghan Chobi rugs respond the need of modifying the boldness of the conventional rugs to give an antique and soften looking of natural wood color that was demanded by the modern North American fashion industry. Afghan Rugs mainly developed in Lahore and weaving centers near Pakistan and Afghanistan. The origin of Afghan Rugs are not easy to find and would require many years of experience and personal knowledge of these carpet making regions but of course, we can identify the designs and characteristics of the rugs from these areas.

Afghan Rugs designs use lavish floral motifs paired with bifurcated calyces that have an unmistakable rectilinear appearance. Serrated leaf and wine-cup motifs, barber pole stripes and Kufesque figures. These archetypal motifs enhance the decorative value of these masculine, stately Afghan Rugs which have lots of different influences.
W:3' 5'' (103cm) L:5' (153cm)
W:2' (62cm) L:2' 10'' (86cm)
W:6' 1'' (185cm) L:8' 4'' (255cm)
W:4' 2'' (127cm) L:5' 11'' (181cm)
W:2' 8'' (81cm) L:3' 11'' (119cm)
W:5' 6'' (168cm) L:7' 10'' (240cm)
W:4' (122cm) L:5' 11'' (181cm)
W:6' 2'' (187cm) L:6' 3'' (190cm)
W:5' 6'' (167cm) L:7' 9'' (235cm)
W:5' 7'' (171cm) L:8' 1'' (246cm)
W:6' 7'' (200cm) L:6' 7'' (201cm)
W:2' 9'' (83cm) L:4' 2'' (126cm)
W:5' 7'' (170cm) L:8' 1'' (246cm)
W:6' 8'' (203cm) L:9' 10'' (299cm)
W:2' 1'' (63cm) L:3' 1'' (94cm)
W:5' 8'' (173cm) L:8' (244cm)

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